You don't have Facebook!!!! What?!?

Guess what, that's ok and frankly, good for you! However, as a business, society basically demands that we have a Facebook page. But just because you don't have Facebook, we don't want you to miss out on what's happening in our Facebook world. You don't need an account, just come see us here and then return to your perfectly normal, non-social media lifestyle. We're not worried about not getting your "share" or "like" on Facebook.


(a "like" and a "share" is  social media thing/obsession. Be happy you don't know what it means, if you don't). We know you LOVE and SHARE us because you are stopping in to see us in person and you're telling all your family and friends about us by actually speaking to them! Don't take this the wrong way Digital Anthology Facebook followers we LOVE you too!! Thank you for sharing, liking and recommending our page!

November 5, 2Ol6 Digital Anthology became a member of the Facebook community.