pile of photographs

Minimum scan charge is $4.99.

images 3x3 up to 8.5x11:  $.60 per image

images larger than 8.5x11 up to 12x18: $1.99 per image

images larger than 12x18: $15.00 per image

Add an additional $.25 per image for tiff files.

old photo album
old recipe books, scrapbooks

Albums are scanned in their entirety or 

we can help you disassemble them.


Album disassembly:  $25.00 per album 

(all images are kept in the order in which they appear in the album)


Album reassemble:  $35.00 per album

(this is only possible if the original album is in good condition)

Album pages are scanned at $1.99 per side.

negatives, film

Minimum scan charge is $4.99.

35mm Negatives:  $.75 per image

120mm and 100 Negatives:  $1.99

Transparencies and Negatives Larger than 120mm:  $4.99

Add an additional $.25 per image for tiff files.

slide, 35mm slide

Minimum scan charge is $4.99.

slide digitizing:  $.75 per image

Add an additional $.25 per image for tiff files.


Minimum scan charge is $4.99.

document scanning at 300 dpi:  $.15 per scan

optical character recognition (OCR) is applied to pdf documents

VHS Tapes, Beta Tapes, Video Tapes
Hi8 Tapes, Video8, JVC

All video is converted to a mp4 file and preserved on a complimentary DVD or USB drive.

When preserved to USB drive you will receive a custom reference guide of your collection.

video conversion:  $19.99 per tape

additional DVD:  $10.00 each

additional USB drive:  price varies based upon the size of the collection

additional custom video editing options:

add an intro title: $10.00

divide single tapes, with multiple events, into separate movie files:  $10.00 per file

add name identifiers to people: $5.00 per insert

8mm Film, Super8 Film
8mm film
cleaned 8mm film

All film is converted to an mp4 file and returned via a USB drive or hard drive.

You will also receive a custom reference guide for your collection


Accepted film formats: 8mm silent film, Super 8 silent film, 16mm

"The RetroScan Universal Scanner was designed specifically

at the request of the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood. Dealing with vintage film, they required a system with no sprockets, no claw, and no image area contact." 

All levels of film scanning include cleaning and scanning.

High Definition Custom Conversion: $20.00 per 50 feet of film.

3-inch reel equals 50 feet and approximately 3-5 minutes of run time

4-inch reel equals 100 feet and approximately 7-8 minutes of run time

5-inch reel equals 200 feet and approximately 14-16 minutes of run time

6-inch reel equals 300 feet and approximately 21-24 minutes of run time

Additional USB drives are available.

Price varies based on the size of the collection.

***Custom add-on options available for film and video conversions include:

  • cutting and combining scenes

  • add titles

  • add captions

The options are unlimited. Let us know your vision. We can make it happen!


All audio is converted to a mp3 file.

Vinyl Record and Tape Cassette: $19.99 each

CD:  $1.99 each

Reel To Reel Audio: 3" reel $35.00 each, 4" reel $40.00 each, 5" reel $45.00 each, 7" reel $50.00 each, 10" reel $55.00 each


Photo restoration prices vary based upon the severity of the damage and the degree of restoration. 

damaged photograph, curled photograph, water damaged photograph

Water damage can cause your photos to curl. With our custom humidity chamber, we can flatten your image so that it can be scanned and framed.

Images smaller than 8x10: $15.00 to flatten

Images larger than 8x10: $45.00 to flatten


We can also transfer your digital collection to your established cloud service of your choice.

To set up a cloud service: $35.00 plus $7.00 per gigabyte of storage transferred, which is rounded to the nearest gigabyte. In addition to fees required by the cloud service provider of your choice.

To transfer to an established cloud service, in addition to DVD or USB transfer: $7.00 per gigabyte of storage transferred.


Photo organizing comes in many shapes and forms, from pulling all of your digital images together off of cameras, drives, discs and clouds, to physically sorting your hard copy images. We can also help you with adding metadata to your images.

photo album, scapbook
DVD, slideshow, video
digital slideshows

Custom digital slideshows start at $49.99, plus the cost of scanning. 

Digital slideshows include complimentary music from our collection or an additional $2.99 per song purchased. Additional image labeling $1.99 per image.

We can create custom albums, books and collages. Have you started a project but you need help FINISHING it? We can help you! We love hearing your ideas and are open to work on all types of projects.

 Pricing varies based upon the size of the project.