why digitize?
  • to preserve  

Photographs, documents and video are all made of degradable materials. A VHS tape was only made to last 20 years. Photographs and documents become fragile and fade over time. Converting media to digital halts the effects of time. Aging isn’t the only threat to your collection. Natural disasters, pests, fire and flood are more immediate concerns. Converting your media allows you to save multiple copies in various locations. Photo scanning, document scanning and all media conversion will help protect your memories.


  • to see your stuff!

With video, film and slides most people don’t have the equipment to view their memories. If they do have the equipment, it’s inconvenient to set it up. Once your projects are digital they can be viewed anywhere!


  • to share and to tell your story!

Digitized media is easier to share. With a click of a button you can share your photo and home movie collection with family and friends. Delicate and original albums and photos can be replicated and shared with everyone.


  • to organize

With the magic of metadata, photo collections can be organized and searched effortlessly.

after digitizing?
  • viewing  

All projects are converted to digital files. These digital files are securely stored and can be easily accessed with your home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Of course you also have the option of viewing your memories via DVD, CD and Blu-ray.


  • storage  

Even if you aren’t ready to digitize your photo or video collections, it’s critical to store photographs, documents, slides, negatives and film properly. Keeping your collections in a cardboard box, in a damp basement or hot attic is not a good idea. Photos need to be kept in a cool, dry and dark location. It’s recommended to store them at 65-70 F at around 50% humidity.


Unfortunately the very popular magnetic photo albums aren’t so great for your pictures, as they were originally marketed. The adhesive that holds the photos to the pages and the film on top that is "protecting" your memories is actually detrimental to your photos. Digital Anthology can guide you through the process of removing photos from these albums or we can do it for you.


Use archival grade storage products for your photographs, documents, negatives and slides. Not only will nature destroy your photos, but chemical gases from some containers and bags will also speed along the effects of time. Poor air quality, like in the garage, is also bad for your photos.


  • memorabilia  

Having your past digitally preserved and then properly stored, to slow the effects of further deterioration, is the most important step. However, it’s nice to have tangible items. With the digital images the possibilities are many.  


Celebrate life by sharing your memories and experiences through albums, slideshows and prints.